benzeine LLC (registered at The Ministry of Taxes) was co-found and established by Zeynal Zeynalov and Elshan Rahimov at Barattson Business Incubator on date 31.01.2017 in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Our mission
Contribute to the future of the powerful, simple and accessible technology

Our vision
Become one of the leading tech companies in areas such as blockchain technology, shared economy and API economy.

Our values

  1. Justice – core principle in all our dealings
  2. Patience – the key of success
  3. Wisdom – ability to imagine beyond one’s internal inertia
  4. Intelligence – we believe that the natural intelligence will ever be above any artificial intelligence
  5. Simplicity – the true enjoyment is possible only through simplicity
  6. Power – empowering people over challenges
  7. Solution – outcome of our solutions is power, simplicity and accessibility